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PERSONAL BRANDING SHOOTING - for freelancers, creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.(EN)

Aggiornamento: 12 nov 2020

The new market is digital. You're in it?

The number of connected people in the world continues to grow. In April 2020 they were 4.5 billion, equal to 59% of the world population. + 6 compared to January 2019 (source Business People).

The pandemic has changed shopping habits so much that 3 out of 4 people buy online today.

It mostly left a wealth of skills and new digital skills so that not only e-commerce and on-demand have grown exponentially, but it has also created a whole new digitally literate audience that before buying a good or a service inquiries about the product and the seller by studying its website, searching on the facebook profile, scrolling the instagram profile, looking in those images of more immediate use if that is the mood with which they feel in tune.

This is true for everyone and everything, for the hotel and restaurant and also for the craftsman and for small business, for the freelancer and sports activities.

Word of mouth is not enough for us; we want to see with our own eyes. And today we can.

Companies have also significantly increased their presence on social networks, obtaining great benefits and being able to continue working and producing during the lockdown.

Those who did not adapt, those who did not ride the wave of mass digitization, remained behind.

Not being digital today is almost equivalent to not existing.

Who wins in this highly competitive landscape?

Win those who show their identity in an authentic, strategic and conscious way. Those who know how to tell their own story and their why.

It is one's personality and the story of oneself that gives a plus to the product and that creates the brand, making it immediately recognizable.

Today more than ever you are no longer buying just a good or a service, but an experience, a mood, an emotion (Apple docet).

The customer's sales and engagement experience begin well before the negotiation, it starts exactly where you show up: on your social networks. If there you will be able to communicate a positive and authentic emotion then the customer will move on to the next phase, to contact you, otherwise it is a lost opportunity. And sometimes even harmful. Bad images are bad publicity. And there will probably be no second chances.

Visual storytelling is fundamental in today's market.

The tight deadlines of each of us make sure that the first glance is decisive, if we like the image, we read the caption otherwise we pass over, sometimes we do not read the caption anyway, but the image remains impressed on us!

And because of the feeling and the emotion that the image communicates to us, we decide whether to trust that person, whether to buy that service.

It is clear that in order to establish a lasting relationship with one's customers, the story of oneself must be as authentic as possible. And continuous.

Only in this way will you be able to engage your target or that part of the public in line with what you propose.

Your storytelling is a process of acquaintance between you supplier and your client, through which you build a relationship of trust. For this reason, in order to gain and maintain that trust, communication must necessarily be sincere, honest, constant.

What do I propose to you?

I propose you a tailor-made photo shoot to stand up yourself on social media and on the web, which tells you who you are, what you do and how you do it. That reveals your passion, your mastery, your personality.

A photo shoot set in your workplace, while you work with your tools, impressing your style, your personality, your why, in a word, your personal branding in the images.

Post-produced and tailor-made images for use on the web, delivered in facebook, instagram, pinterest, stories, web format, so that you finally have the opportunity to be proud to show yourself and have the concrete opportunity to engage your target

Who I am?

I am a professional photographer expert in portraits and reportage and also a Social Media Manager and Digital Pr, these skills and my over twenty-year professional background make me the person who can help you develop your visual identity and your personal brand.

How does it work?

1) We will meet in your workplace (studio | shop | laboratory | restaurant), to view your spaces and have a talk about you and the passion that binds you to your profession. Through our mutual knowledge I will know exactly which characteristics and details to highlight in the photo shoot.

2) Photo shoot. Depending on the number of images you think you need, it will take more or less time to make the shots. Let's start from approximately one hour.

3) Within 3 days I will present you the photo gallery in which you will choose the images you want.

4) Within a week of your choice I will deliver you a USB stick with all the images chosen in the various formats, square, vertical, horizontal for social publishing. There will be for sure also some images with empty spaces, but organized, and with backgrounds perfect for writing your promotions

The offer

The service is tailored specifically for social media, so I have defined packages of 15 posts if you publish every other day, from 30 if you publish every day, from 60 and 90 in order to have the continuity you need for 2-6 months.

I have an introductory offer for the months of November and December in which I will apply 30% and then 15% discount on the price list, to enter at full prices from December.

November 30% discount

15 images ……………………..200 pounds

30 images ……………………..230 pounds

60 images ……………………..410 pounds

90 images ……………………..550 pounds

December 15% discount

15 images ……………………..240 pounds

30 images ……………………..280 pounds

60 images ……………………..500 pounds

90 images ……………………..670 pounds

From January

15 images ……………………..290 pounds

30 images ……………………..330 pounds

60 images ……………………..590 pounds

90 images ……………………..790 pounds

How to book a personal branding shooting?

Write me at or call me at +44 7793 002606 (UK) or at +393384841627 (IT). The deposit of 100 pounds is required to block the service. The balance takes place upon delivery of the key.

What do I do then?

Then you can continue alone in your social communication, but if you need help, I can offer you my advice and take care of your social networks in a professional way.

Having beautiful and meaningful images will already mean having a precious treasure in your hands.

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